Transportation Systems Management and Operations

  • Traffic monitoring
  • Timely, responsive traffic operations decision making
  • Guidance for traffic engineering professionals and decision makers
  • Intersection control optimization
  • Transit stop and route optimization
  • Emergency response optimization
  • Freight management
  • Access management
  • Timely congestion monitoring
  • Enhanced travel survey

Transportation Network Performance Management

  • Considering mobility, safety, accessibility, transit, freight, social justice, non-vehicular modes, economic development, and environmental factors
  • Maximizing return on investment
  • Implementing construction strategies

Mobility of Demand

  • Transportation planning process
  • Distributed routing
  • Peak-load shifting
  • Mode distribution
  • Incentivized transit
  • Incentivized low acceleration and deceleration
  • Incentivized maximum speed within 10 mph of posted speed limits
  • Construction projects, special events, and crash mitigation
  • Flood barrier mitigation
  • Emergency evacuation mitigation
  • Economic basis for travel incentives
  • Transportation demand management

Road User Behavior and Performance

  • User behavior analysis and evaluation
  • Human factors within traffic operations
  • Integration of new technologies within roadway networks

Transportation Equity

  • Regional safety evaluation
  • Resource allocation methods
  • Inclusive infrastructure design
  • Community engagement best practices