CATS Transportation Seminar Series & CAEM Graduate Seminar: Advancing Materials and Design Strategies for Durable and Sustainable Pavements


noon to 1 p.m., Feb. 4, 2022

Deteriorating transportation infrastructure assets can result in capital losses and drag down growth of economies. Increasing percentage of pavement and bridges in rough and poor condition in a network result in costly repairs or replacements, user delays due to frequent construction activities, and safety hazards. In addition, agencies are challenged with funding inconsistencies and limitations. Fortunately, research and data can be wisely used to help authorities prioritize projects and design infrastructure improvements that are safer, operationally efficient, cost-effective, and durable. At Arizona State University, Southwest Pavement Technology Program was founded as a collaborative platform with the support from founding industrial and local government agency members. The program has a vision to be the center of excellence for developing, nurturing, and advancing innovative and cost-effective pavement technology solutions in the Southwest. Our program will address how transportation infrastructure can be designed and constructed for greater efficiency and durability. In this talk, research and training activities organized by Southwest Technology Program will be presented.


Abolfazl Karimpour